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The Proper Use of Fire Escape Ladders is a guide to making use of ladder systems in the building industry. If you're in the building industry, or have been in the building industry for some time, you may well have heard of fire safety or know about the hazards of fire in the building.

It is often true that fire is something that is more dangerous than others in any work place. The lessons to be learned in The Proper Use of Fire Escape Ladders help you work out how to ensure that your workplace is as safe as possible. This can in turn be a major way of reducing the risks of fire in the workplace.

You may have been told to look out for windows in the building. You will be told to use fire escape ladders, and this is good advice, but using fire escape ladders in the wrong place can be a serious risk to you and your staff.

If you are building a new work place, and you are planning to use fire escape ladders, you may well want to look at how the ladders will be used in the building. Are the doors strong enough to withstand heavy fire doors?

If you are not in the building industry and have never built a work place, you may well be thinking that the ladders are not really all that essential. However, with your work place being near a busy road, the new building can be at risk. It could be a serious risk.

So, you need to look at why you need to use fire exit ladders. It will help to work out how the system will be used, and what is the best place to install the ladders. These are important questions.

When using a fire exit, the proper way to use the system is to install the ladders in the most protected area of the work place. The area should be preferably off the main route for traffic.

In an efficient system, the person to be climbed up should be taken down from the upper levels onto a secure stairway. The stairway should be easy to climb, and should have adequate sides and edges to ensure safety. The stairway should be strong enough to cope with heavy use, and should have fire doors which are of a fire resistant material.

This can mean that a staircase may be at the end of the work place, to the site of the scaffolding. The fire exit ladder should be accessed in this way, and could be the place to install the ladders.

Another important aspect to remember is that fire escape ladders should be made of fire resistant material. They should have the fire rated door system. They should also have good quality bolts and hinges, as well as quality ladders.

Overall, the correct way to use fire escape ladders is to ensure that they are safe to use, as well as easy to use. A look at the work place design, and the material of the ladders can go a long way in ensuring that the ladder is used safely.